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Internet FPS Games

Yes, I admit it... I'm an online first person shooter games junkie, PC versions not the watered down console versions. I'm often found playing just a little bit longer in the wee hours of the night. It's all the fault of the great folks in the various clans I've played with who keep life interesting. It started with the La Cosa Nostra Clan back in 1999 or so.  Then the folks in Clan 0utcast, Toilet Paper Clan, CDU, TAC, and others.  Its not just the game, but the friends you make in the chat and voice servers. 

Currently, I'm playing Battlefield V (Murphys_L4w).  I got started with the original Unreal Tournament (UT) and have played most variations of it.  I've also played most of the Battlefield series starting with BF 1943 and the latter Call of Duty games.  Though, I do not like the latest CoD / BF model of no private servers.

Messing About With Computers

Hmm, how to approach this... should I talk about the 9 computers in a household of 2? Or my Linux server with an 20TB raid, my two PC based DVRs, various Raspberry Pis, my own DNS server and Mail Server. Or about collecting Anime and other classic items on the DVR and then video editing them into my growing personal video collection. Then there are the various programming type projects I do outside work, like a PhP based game ladder system. Well, you get the idea. If I have a need or something strikes my fancy, I'll mess about with it.


Let's see what's on my book shelves.. Science Fiction abounds (some Fantasy too but that's my wife's..) Anything from E.E. Doc Smith's SkyLarking / Lensman series, to the latest Webber or Moon. Of course, ever since reading the Hornblower series, I've found lots of different historical naval series, like Bolitho, Ramage, Lewrie, and that upstart who's made folks forget the others... Aubrey. Thru them, I've also expanded to the land war novels like the Sharpe series and others. Of course, a few good Mysteries are here and there, plus some Cussler, Clancy, and others.

Anime, Murder Mysteries, SciFi Shows

I enjoy watching good Anime. Some favorites are, anything by Miyazaki, Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Beebop, Last Exile, Death Note, Code Geass, FLCL, Samurai Champloo, Samuria 7, Euraka 7, and more.  I also like a lot of BBC, CA, Australian murder mystery series.  I like to joke that if it has been on the BBC , I have seen it and probably have it on my server.   I watch SciFi shows too... Dr Who (Have even watched the missing episodes with audio only...), Star Trek (Picard!), The Expanse, and the like.


Between Hornblower and my bother, I was drawn to sailing. From learning on the town lake with a styrofoam Sunfish type boat, to the University sailing club. I've owned a Snark Sunfish clone, a Com-Pac 16 Sailboat, a Com-Pac 23 Sailboat (docked on the Neuse and much fun exploring the Pamilco regions..), and currently a Com-Pac Horizon Cat (20 foot cat boat like the drawing to the left).  Sigh, unfortunately, the first mate's really bad back and my occational back twinges, the boat sits more that it gets used these days.