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Hey Y'All

That's Southern American for "Hello Everyone", and a common greeting used by North Carolinians. Yes, even though I'm a Missouri born Midwesterner, I've gone "native" after living in NC for over half of my life. Well, at least, I'm not considered a Damn Yankee anymore (according to a "pure" Southerner friend). Of course, the RTP area we live in is not really the true South, too many transplants like us in the area. In fact, our NC born son has some words he pronounces with a New Jersey accent because one of his daycare teachers was from there. The world is truly getting smaller.

If you haven't guessed already, is my personal domain and web site. I'm currently using it as an "About Me" site and a place to distribute things to family, friends, and the like. Those who know me well, will probably quickly point out the rumor from the fact (hence Scuttlebutt). Those who just know me in a single role, may find the "whole person" interesting. Those who don't know me at all may find this interesting.. or everyone may just find it boring. Anyway, for good or bad, it's here.


Well, in these days of domain camping and click thru sites, good domain names are very scarce.This was compounded by wanting something that was more interesting than (which I also own) and the like. I also wanted a name that tied in a lot of my long time interests. So, after a long and arduous search, I decided on (Could not get the which would be

Now, if you check the Hobbies section, you'll find that I sail; I read all the Hornblower type books (Napoleonic Era Sailing Novels) I can find; and I read classic SciFi stories and books, like EE "Doc" Smith's Skylark series. In addition, the Webster's 1913 definition works so well with the word Internet in it and that ties in my Internet gaming/career. A very serendipitous find!