Here are some projects I've work with relating to the Drupal content management system.  You can also check out my Drupal.Org activity using my d.o id: cgmonroe.  I have supplied many patches to various projects that aren't listed here.

TriDUG - The Triangle Drupal Users Group (

I have been a co-coordinator for this group since early 2010.  Some of my past presentations have been:

Intro to Drupal Module Internal (Also presented at Ashville DrupalCamp 2014)
Intro to CSS Selectors in Drupal
Using the Features API

You can see all my presentation decks at:

LDAP Integration Module (

A work project led to me submitting so many patches that I became one on of the co-maintainers of this project which is used by about 10,000 Drupal sites.  I was the developer behind most of the code that went into the beta3 release.

CloudFront Refresh Module (

This module allows sites using Amazon's CloudFront service as a CDN to send 'Invalidate' requests for nodes that have been updated when the site cache is cleared.

Web File Manager (

When another work project required strict security for uploaded files, I started working with this module.  This led me to submit many patches to this project.  A couple that stand out are:

Patch to add support for custom layouts
V2.15 Image Exploit Checking Problems  

In addition, I did a presentation for TriDUG that was referenced on the module page.

Notification Utilities ( )

This is a sandbox module I wrote.  It is an "add-on" to the Notifications module. It adds various features and formating options that make managing sites using Notifications easier.