First Mate: Robin

Well, OK, she's really the Admiral in mufti. As the saying goes: I am the Captain of this ship... my wife the Admiral gives me permission to say this. If you need Cross Stitch supplies, charts, and the like, see her at

Midshipman: Jonathan

He's over 21 now... how the years fly by.. figuring out what he wants to do in life.  Currently getting a CS degree from UNC and working for various tech firms.  Also active in some Open source projects.  See GitHub for a sample.

The Crew (By species)

We've always had a mix crew aboard... but are finally getting down to just a few.

The Cats

Snicky (An alien in disguise)
Alistair (Maximus Catimus)
Noche (The Black Spot)
Belly (Bellius Demetri Ivonovitch) 
Gone but not forgotten
Sprocket (We are (part) Siamese! )
Cleo (Queen of all she surveys)
Princess (the Bulimic)
Koko (Cola Classic Tabbie)
Fluffy ( the Gypsy cat )

 The Dog

Honey (the Zeta Dog)

 The Chinchillas (Gone but not forgotten)


 The Guinea Pigs (Gone but not forgotten)

Patches (Zombie Guinea Pig)

 The Turtles (released)

Speedy (just vistiting until logging done)

 And all others past and present

Oscar (the 10 inch Tiger Oscar Fish)
Lizzy (the Uromastyx Lizard)
The Anglefish
The Goldfish in the deck pond (who think they are Piranha Coi)
The wild birds we feed (and the squirrels and racoons too.)